What does INCPEN do?

At the heart of our beliefs, the membership of INCPEN and our staff care about the world in which we live. We want to help deliver the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and we desire a society that operates in harmony with our planet’s natural resources.

With respect to packaging, there’s no doubt that advancements over the last 60 years have helped to mitigate many of the environmental and social harms relating to excessive food waste, health impacts, and reducing, reusing & recycling finite natural resources. However, global societies are also learning more every day that the decisions of the past need to be reviewed in light of people’s and the planet’s needs for the future. In too many parts of the world, our lands and oceans have been allowed to become unauthorised waste sites for a vast array of items discarded by humans, packaging included.

That is why INCPEN’s membership and staff work with all those who share the ambition to be part of a future that learns from the past and adapts accordingly. We want to ensure societies retain the functional properties of packaging that prevent environmental harms whilst also working hard to ensure that packaging itself has a sustainable life in line with circular economy principles. We work with governments, international organisations, civil society, businesses and municipalities. Those within the ‘packaging value chain’ are within our spheres of interest; including designers, manufacturers, packer / fillers, retailers, brands, consumers, local government, waste & resource management operators, re-processors, and supporting organisations like consumer & campaign groups and non-governmental organisations.

If you have an interest in working with INCPEN, or wish to know more about potentially joining our growing membership of ambitious and future-minded companies, get in touch with us today.

Areas of interest

INCPEN focuses on four key areas of collaboration:

Industry, Producers and Retail

INCPEN works with producers, retailers and supply chain organisations to identify effective, innovative and sustainable solutions for product packaging and consumer distribution.

Local Government and Legislature

Our work helps inform local government and national bodies in legislating and governing environmental and packaging policies in all areas of industry and enterprise.

Sustainability, Recycling and Reclamation

INCPEN works closely with recycling and reclamation organisations to share innovation with the rest of the industry and set up key contact points to ease the transition to sustainable solutions.

Waste Management

Every step of a product’s lifecycle is critical in achieving an innovative, sustainable and effective supply chain – including waste management, where INCPEN is helping organisations find new effective ways to deal with the disposables and waste of the future.

Our Members

As part of our research and collaboration across industry and government, INCPEN works closely with a wide-ranging membership base, made up of organisations from some of the world’s largest enterprises to smaller national firms. Some of our members include:


INCPEN conducts research on behalf of our members and government organisations to “cut through the noise” about environment and product packaging, to help both industry and consumers make informed, intelligent decisions about the products they purchase, how they are transported and stored, and what happens to them when they are disposed of.

For more information about our current research and outcomes, please check out the “Library” section of our website, by clicking on the navigation above. Some of our latest research includes:


INCPEN’s staff and membership are made up of a diverse and passionate group of individuals from a vast array of industries and backgrounds, all of whom are working hard to help businesses make our future brighter, more innovative, and more sustainable.

Some of the key staff at INCPEN who members will interact with include:

Paul Vanston


Alison Skuse

Projects and Memberships Manager

Paldeep Bhatti

Head of Research, Policy, and UK & Ireland