Quickly get the “need to know” around our areas of interest with a category-specific factsheet from the list below:

(Using) Less Packaging

Reductions in the amount of packaging used – "lightweighting” – didn’t start when environmental awareness emerged. Manufacturers have always sought to use less packaging [...]

Carbon Footprinting & Lifecycle Assessment

Introduction Lifecycle assessment (LCA) quantifies the environmental burdens associated with a product, process or activity over its entire lifecycle, from production of the raw [...]

Energy from Waste

Recovering energy from unrecycled waste is preferable to landfilling it, according to the government’s waste hierarchy. There are a number of ways of recovering [...]

Facts about Packaging

Why do we need packaging? Without it, many of the goods manufactured or grown would be damaged or spoiled before they reached the shops. [...]

Lifecycle Thinking – The Benefits

When manufacturers want to introduce a new product or service, or improve the performance of an existing one, they need to examine its environmental [...]

Marine Litter

Just like litter on land, marine litter is a complex, multidimensional problem that needs to be solved by preventing deliberate littering and cleaning-up accidental [...]

Packaging & Environmental Legislation

The environmental impact of packaging in the UK is controlled by two different pieces of packaging legislation. One covers industry’s role in ensuring that [...]

Packaging & Producer Responsibility

Producer responsibility is a policy concept designed to extend a manufacturer’s responsibility beyond the sale and use of its their products to include disposal [...]

Packaging From Recycled Materials

Many types of packaging – glass, metal, paper, cardboard, plastics – are widely recycled. There is also a long tradition of making packaging from [...]


Recycling is a way to turn unwanted materials into new ones. It helps to reduce the need for virgin raw materials in manufacture, as [...]

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