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809, 2014

Packaging Innovations


Packaging has played an important role in protecting, preserving, containing, storing and delivering products since the earliest civilisations. Amphorae (pottery jars) were used to store and transport olive oil, wine and dry foods in the Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires and other civilisations. Modern packaging dates back to the [...]

902, 2014

The Green Kitchen


5th edition of The Green Kitchen Recipes for a better planet.  How to shop and cook in an energy efficient, environmentally responsible way.

510, 2013

Checking Out Food Waste


This study identifies the top 20+ food types that are dumped or reduced-to-clear between depot and checkout. Together they account for 22,000 tonnes of wastage in the retail supply chain every year. Valued at £43 million, these products are either dumped because of damage or spoilage or sold as [...]

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