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209, 2013

A US Roadmap for Improved Packaging Recovery – AMERIPEN


AMERIPEN surveyed the largest 100 cities in the U.S. for their adoption rate of best practices and their effectiveness and efficiency of recovering used packaging materials. This two-year research effort has made it clear that there are areas of opportunity for standardization and best practice adoption that could effectively [...]

1003, 2012

Packaging and the Internet


The way we buy things is changing. The convenience and competitiveness of being able to shop via the Internet is altering the retail landscape. ‘Click and collect’ services are growing rapidly. Most retailers offer some form of home delivery or click-and-collect service. In many cases shops have become little [...]

1409, 2011

Municipal Waste Composition 2006/2007


This report presents estimated compositional analysis of England’s municipal waste and recycling streams. It uses data collated and analysed from the most recent national compositional estimates, reported in Defra WR0119: Municipal Waste Composition: A Review of Municipal Waste Component Analyses, Resource Futures 20101, hereafter referred to as the WR0119 [...]

905, 2011

Why products are packaged the way they are


The average household in the UK buys over 4,000 items of food and other products every year. In the UK as a whole, 25 million households buy over 100 billion items every year. Over 75% of those purchases are grocery products – mainly food and drink but also household [...]

510, 2010

Packaging in Perspective


This publication was produced to provide facts about the much discussed subject of packaging recovery and recycling. It aimed to provide the public and others with an outline of what the UK achieved and what was being done in 2008.

1204, 2010

Partnership and Packaging


Everyone, including manufacturers and retailers, wants as little packaging as possible but most of it is essential for our daily lives and overall it prevents ten times more waste than it generates. Manufacturers and retailers are working to make packaging more resource efficient and, where possible, reduce it and [...]

2701, 2010

Common Understandings and Common Sense


This guidance was produced by Local Government Regulation (LGR) and INCPEN to aid businesses and local trading standards authorities. Their purpose was to offer preliminary guidance on complying with the Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations 1998 updated in 2003.

1507, 2009

Table for One


Much effort has been spent reducing packaging waste, both by reducing packaging at the design stage and also by increasing the amount of used packaging that is recovered and recycled. This will continue but it needs to be done in the context of the role that packaging plays in [...]

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